What the heck is Bastet anyway?

First, lets start off with how to say it. 

Say 'Baa'-- now you sound like a sheep!

Now say 'Stet'-- like 'pet or 'let'

And together-- Bah-Stet! Rad.

Now what the *bleep* does that mean?! 

Bastet is a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion originally depicted as a fierce lioness. She was recognized for many attributes and revered for being a goddess of war, and motherhood. Often associated with fun, cunning, and protectiveness, Bastet was a symbol that hit home for me as a lady barista branching off on her own starting a business. 

This company and its ideals are my brain children. As I work to spread coffee education and serve as an ambassador for the specialty industry and our products I will be doing so with a fierce work ethic. However, I never lose the fun and affection I feel for this industry and what I do. I am all at once excited and nervous for this next step. I want to express my intense gratitude to all my friends, family, and teachers that have guided me on this path to now. 

I cannot wait to see where my journey leads next and I look forward to the next years on the road sharing, learning, and of course drinking tasty coffees with all of you.