The Next Step

          January 14th will be my final day at Intelligentsia Coffee. For the last five years I have worked with some of the most inspirational people I have ever met and I truly felt as though this company was my home and family. From washing dishes to education, management, and buying I have been given the tools to grow and feed my restless mind. Doug, Emily, and Geoff have built something extraordinary with their teams and have impacted not just the world of coffee, but major cities, artistic communities, and inspired individuals around the world who were watching the past twenty years. I am honored I was part of that vision.

            While I am leaving to pursue some projects on my own, I will never be able to remove the pride and connection to this company and its people. I already see so many great things on the horizon for the next years of Intelli and I for one cannot wait to be cheering them along and enjoying stunning coffees for many years to come.

            Intelligentsia was all in one my university, my friends and my home. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I had, but even more grateful for being shown how to work for and make those opportunities arise. I grew up here in these years and I want to thank everyone for the lessons and guidance along the way. I will never be far from these revered coffee bars and I hope our paths continue to cross regularly.

            I am so excited for this next step- to continue my position as a Specialty Coffee ambassador and to share education and learning with as many folks as possible.

            I would love to hear from you and have set up an email for this new venture. Please feel free to give me a holler with any question big or small. 

What the heck is Bastet anyway?

First, lets start off with how to say it. 

Say 'Baa'-- now you sound like a sheep!

Now say 'Stet'-- like 'pet or 'let'

And together-- Bah-Stet! Rad.

Now what the *bleep* does that mean?! 

Bastet is a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion originally depicted as a fierce lioness. She was recognized for many attributes and revered for being a goddess of war, and motherhood. Often associated with fun, cunning, and protectiveness, Bastet was a symbol that hit home for me as a lady barista branching off on her own starting a business. 

This company and its ideals are my brain children. As I work to spread coffee education and serve as an ambassador for the specialty industry and our products I will be doing so with a fierce work ethic. However, I never lose the fun and affection I feel for this industry and what I do. I am all at once excited and nervous for this next step. I want to express my intense gratitude to all my friends, family, and teachers that have guided me on this path to now. 

I cannot wait to see where my journey leads next and I look forward to the next years on the road sharing, learning, and of course drinking tasty coffees with all of you.