Bastet Coffee was recently founded by Professional Barista, Eden-Marie Abramowicz. Based out of Los Angeles- Eden uses any medium from private classes to consulting to spread coffee and hospitality education with as many people as possible. Quality coffee should not be exclusive but approachable. Let tasty experiences be uplifted by outstanding service and education not spoiled by intimidation. Bastet Coffee is available to set up customized training and packages for any and all situations. Celebrate outstanding Specialty Coffees with us and keep an eye out for products coming soon! 

Eden-Marie's Story

Raised outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Eden found her way into Specialty Coffee after some brief (and some not so brief) stints in music, dance, and studio art. At the age of 17 she was working at a franchise of a local roaster, Jittery Joes. With the guidance of the two amazing franchise owners she became enthralled with the barista profession and her job became an obsession. Soon, those same two owners took the amazing leap and reopened the same shop as an indepent Specialty Coffee bar serving Intelligentsia Coffee and began to teach Eden the basics of management all the while giving her endless support to pursue more coffee education and even gave her the means to compete in her first ever barista competition.

Barista competitions, and the travel they came with, were a gateway for Eden to meet her coffee idols and eventually led to her decision to sell all of her belongings, pack up her car with an air mattress + Chemex, and move across the country to Los Angeles. There she began Intelligentsia Coffee’s revered training program, as a dishwasher.

Intelligentsia Coffee was a family of coffee professionals and a university of coffee knowledge. Eden worked her way up from a dishwasher to barista to an Educator of their iconic SilverLake location within a year. It was at that time she was able to have a hand in rewriting their entire educational program and systems. After several years in education Eden switched over to manage that same location overseeing daily operations, finances, and a stellar yet quirky staff.

Most recently Eden-Marie was the Retail Buyer for Intelligentsia Coffee, working for all of their retail locations across the United States- designing and purchasing products from coffee equipment to apparel.

Throughout all of this with barista competitions and constant travel Eden became more and more enthralled with becoming an ambassador for the industry- not just amongst coffee people but bridging the gap between those enthralled with Specialty Coffee and everyone else in the world. She strives to travel and share quality coffee and awareness of the industry in a captivating but real way with as many people as possible.

Currently at the age of 25, Eden has a goal to drink a cup of coffee in every country in the world by the time she turns 30.